Yoga Foster and Active Schools 2017


Yoga Foster is pleased to announce the current program offerings for our national Active Schools partnership, formerly named Let’s Move! Active Schools.

Physical education and physical activity (PE/PA) are marginalized in American education, suffering from a lack of funding, supportive policies, and will. Despite evidence that inactive children are more likely to gain weight, miss school, underperform academically, and eventually face decreased earnings and higher health care costs, the most recent data from Gallup reveals that only 16% of parents view “not enough emphasis on physical education” as a major problem in their school.

As an organization committed to accessible forms of movement and mindfulness in schools and communities, Yoga Foster is honored to be part of this movement. We join a diverse range of other partners, all working together to help create Active School environments where students participate in at least 60 minutes of before, during and after school physical activity each day.

We have two core offerings for the 2017 – 2018 school year that we’re excited to share:

Full Yoga for Educators Grant

We currently have 150 full grants available for teachers enrolled as Active Schools champions, which offers our full program at no cost. To qualify, applicants must be a full-time educator at an Active Schools school and teach grades pre-K through 5th grade in the following states: California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada. Get more information and complete an application today. Deadline: October 15

Discount for Active Schools Members

Active Schools educators can enroll in our programming for 50% off. Details are on the Active Schools discounts page:

For more information about Active Schools, and to enroll your school, visit their website at

Nicole Cardoza