Yoga Foster and Let's Move! Active Schools 2017 Grant Winners

Yoga Foster is a proud partner of Let's Move! Active Schools, a nationwide initiative to equip schools with the resources and tools to increase physical education and physical activity opportunities for students, ensuring that 60 minutes of physical activity a day is the norm in K-12 schools across the country. We encourage schools to enroll as an Active School at

In our February 2017 grant application period, we received over 300 applications from passionate teachers across the country, eager to bring yoga into their classrooms. After a lengthy decision-making process, here are the teachers that we're honored to provide a full grant to participate in our programming.

Our programs are $125 / educator and you can join anytime. Enroll today and start your practice tomorrow!


Julie, Andrew Cooke Magnet School, Illinois

Joyce, B L Bell Academy, Mississippi

Ashlea, SC BOCES, New York

Joann, P.S.264, New York

George, Captain Leland Norton Elementary, California

George, Fairfax Elementary, California

Alan, Neihardt Elementary, Nebraska


Jessica, Windsor Forest Elementary, Georgia

Sheila, PS 32 State Street, New York

Sarah, Cowpens Elementary School, South Carolina

Blake, Lawrence Elementary, Kansas

Chelsea, Campbell R2, Missouri

Tara, Eastern Elementary, Kentucky

Beth, North Newton Elementary, North Carolina

Amanda, Macdonough, Connecticut

Sasha, PS 290 Juan Morel Compus, New York

Christy, Elm Grove Elementary, Louisiana

Courtney, Barton Hills Elementary, Texas

Kathleen, Kennett Schools, Missouri

Kelle, Lakeview Elementary, Florida

Nicole, Anna S. Kuhl Elementary School, New York

Carrie, Binns ES, Ohio

Jeff, Christiansburg Elementary, Virginia

Elizabeth, JA Caywood Elmentary, Kentucky

Campbell, Franklin Elementary, Washington

Courtney, Stevenson Elementary, Arizona

Mary, Michael J Perkins School, Massachusetts

Nicki, Marion Elementary School, Kansas





April, Keizer Elementary, Oregon

Kellie, Keizer Elementary, Oregon

Erin, Lansdowne Elementary, Kentucky

Erika, Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences, Michigan

Maria, Juniper Elementary, Oregon

Amanda, Lyon Magnet, Illinois

Holly, Highlands Elementary School, Alabama

Janice, Madison Elementary, Oregon

Michael, Flocktown-Kossmann Elementary School, New Jersey

Darren, Southampton Public Schools, New York

Sonya, Kenna Elementary, West Virginia

Kathleen, Mill Village Elementary, Pennsylvania

Oren, Lexington School District Three, South Carolina

Carrie, Wrightstown Elementary School, Wisconsin

Rene, Gallego Primary Fine Arts, Arizona

Gayle, Menlo Park Terrace, New Jersey

Chris, Peter j shields elementary, California

Lynn, Southdown Primary, New York

Ginger, CSH Coordinator, Tennessee

April, Sarah Milner Elementary, Colorado


Ia, Centenial Elementary, California

Nicholas, Climax-Scotts Community Schools, Michigan

Darren, Simmons Elementary, South Dakota

Jennifer, Robbins Elementary School, New Jersey

Meghann, Klem South, New York

Natasha, Carroll Robbins Elementary School, New Jersey

Brian, Albert Einstein Academy Elementary, California

Brooke, Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Michigan

Sandra, Robbins Elementary, New Jersey

Janet, Robbins Elementary, New Jersey

Shellie, D'Vorre & Hal Ober Elementary, Nevada

Kimberly, Dr. James Edward Jones Primary Center, California

Deanna, LaVernia Intermediate School, Texas

Kerinne, Chiefess Kapiolani Elementary, Hawaii

Abby, Glenn Marshall Elementary, Kentucky

Pam, Zumbrota Mazeppa Public School, Minnesota

Jenni, Raymore Elementary, Missouri