Yoga in the classroom can feel a bit strange – and sometimes, intimidating!

Here's the basics that you should know as you introduce movement and mindfulness to your students.

what does a yoga in schools practice include?


By practicing controlled breathing, we can lower our heart rate, 


These gentle, simple poses help us center our bodies, and align our breathing with our movement.


Using worksheets, take-home activities, dialogues, and hands-on collaboration, individual and group discussion and reflection helps major concepts stick.


This is a practice we all do together to uplift each of us! It’s also fostered by supportive parents, administration, colleagues and wellness enthusiasts outside the school, all making this practice possible.


Schools are often high-paced, hectic learning environments. These tools help students center and focus, which enables them to perform at their best state.

Is this a spiritual or religious practice?

No! The practice of yoga was actually developed outside of religious thought. Its philosophy is rooted in centering and calming the body and the mind. Yoga is sometimes associated with religious practices, but in this case, it’s simply used as a way to move, breathe and explore concepts that make us better learners.

Is practicing yoga harmful?

Practicing yoga is like any other form of physical activity. As long as it’s practiced in a safe space, and with caution to each person’s physical abilities, there is no harm in practicing. Learn more about safety precautions here:

Can we practice THE ClassDojo RESOURCES without mats?

Absolutely! For more fun ways to practice, including poses that require the use of yoga mats, sign up for our programs. We provide ways to access mats for free or at a low-cost, too – so you’ll have everything you need.

What results can I expect from practicing with my students?

This practice is a great way to encourage reflection, instill calm, and regroup the class together before moving to the next activity. There’s no framework for how well your students will respond!

How long, or how often, should I practice with my students?

Great question. Yoga is a practice – and to see benefits, it must be used consistently, over time, and with enthusiasm. We recommend that you practice these poses and breathing techniques a few minutes each day. To learn more about safe and effective implementation, go here: 

I still have questions. Where can I go to find help?

Our chat box is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have. You can also join our #dojochat, held on Wednesday May 17, which will be full of great information. Lastly, you can always email us directly at