I am very grateful for your help bringing yoga to my school.  In addition to the many physical benefits it has also started a dialogue about maturity, body awareness, open mindedness and tolerance in my classroom.  Yoga is not everyone's first choice in an elementary gym setting but once they give it a chance they are able to see past their pre-conceived notions.


I find that the students have a higher level of patience and tolerance for each other.  They are more able to follow the rule of consulting with an adult when they have a conflict or disagreement with another student.  They exhibit less retaliatory behavior.  They are more likely to 'use their words' than fists.  When students have choice, many times they select yoga as a form of exercise.



When reflecting with a student the other day about steps to cope when accepting consequences or feedback, he reminded me that he can practice candle and flower breathing like in yoga when he is upset or wanting to argue about a consequence!