At Yoga Foster, we're committed to making yoga accessible and sustainable for all schools, teachers, and kids. To that end, we offer Full Grants for the school year to qualifying teachers/schools. The Yoga Foster team reads and reviews every application individually (really!) and awards grants based on:

  • Need: We prioritize Title 1 public schools (must be in the US).

  • Program Design: Our training and programs are designed for teachers with pre-K through 5th grade classrooms.

  • Teacher: We ask that you spend at least an hour per week with students (primary teacher; ELL teacher; special education teacher; PE teacher).

  • Commitment: Your thoughtful application materials are why we come to work every day!

To apply for a Full Grant, select "Yes, please consider my application for a Full Grant" on the last page of the application. Your spot will be saved until your grant application has been processed (current processing time: 3-5 weeks). 

A quality grant application…

  •  Demonstrates buy-in for implementation from administration
  •  Schedules times of day to integrate movement and mindfulness 
  •  Interest from more than one educator in the school
  •  Desires to participate in the training, use the curriculum, and make good use of physical resources
  •  Demonstrates financial need
  •  Plans for a school-wide implementation