"These videos have shown be how to bring an added calmness into our classroom daily lives and I am looking forward  to starting this new school year off by teaching my students how to use yoga in their everyday lives, not just as a once a week practice. I hope they can become more mindful citizens in their everyday lives."

" I love the examples provided. My sister in law is a yoga instructor and owns two studios in MD. I always felt intimidated attending one of her classes because I didn't have any background in yoga. These lessons really helped me understand it more to maybe attend. Nicole your videos made me happy just watching them, since it looked like you genuinely enjoyed your job! Thank you!"


I am humbled, inspired, and excited to implement the Yoga Foster techniques and strategies into my school building and classroom!!!!! I truly believe this is a universal practice for kids of all ages and abilities! THANK YOU for this valuable information, amazing oppertunity and wonderful program - the potential is immeasurable!